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business 2012
In Search of
Hidden Cost:
Discover the true
cost of enterprise
When a UK university implemented duplex and pull printing, it cut overall paper
consumption by around 60 percent and reduced costs from €400,000 to €240,000.
A global professional services company cut its total cost of printing by 29 percent,
including a 10–15 percent reduction in external print procurement spend, and reduced
help desk calls by 51 percent. These are just two examples cited by market intelligence
firm IDC in its paper
Beneath the Surface: The True Cost of Enterprise Printing
delves into where print-related costs lie and how much you could save.
With cost reduction still a key driver of the decision to
implement a managed print service (MPS), it pays to be aware
of the true costs of printing and ensure that your chosen MPS
provider can tackle them all.
The savings most obviously associated with MPS come from
hardware rationalisation and improvements in maintenance
and consumables management. When an MPS provider
rationalises an organisation’s fleet, it will typically remove
capital assets from the balance sheet by reducing the
number of devices by 25–60 percent. Companies looking to
turn hardware provision entirely into an operating expense
potentially to divert more capital expenditure to business
transformational activities – should look for an MPS provider
that is able to assume ownership of the remaining equipment.
Maintenance costs are reduced through proactive rather than
reactive hardware monitoring, with MPS providers taking action
in a planned and efficient way, before problems become serious.
And supplies, which can often cost between two and four
times the hardware cost over the life of a device, can be more
efficiently managed through centralised, proactive processes
rather than ad-hoc ordering.
The Savings You Don’t Always Think About
But, as the IDC paper illustrates, these are just the tip of the
iceberg. The less obvious sources of savings that MPS providers
can uncover for customers include:
Better use of space. If the fleet can be reduced by anything
up to 60 percent, space becomes available for uses far more
productive than holding under-utilised office machines.
Less strain on the IT service desk. The average cost of a help
desk call is between €14 and €17. Between 35 percent and
percent of help desk calls are print-related. With MPS, 10
percent cost savings can easily be achieved.